Trish’s Dishes

For the past eight years, I’ve blogged over at Trish’s Dishes. If you’re looking for older posts (a recap of the launch of my first two books, my ongoing battle to keep THAT DOG out of the garbage, the advice I gave college sophomores on how to manage life) you can find them there.

I’m so grateful blogging came along. It’s incredible how many cool people I “know” because the blogsphere introduced us. It’s given me a place to record moments I would have forgotten otherwise.  (Such as this, my VERY FIRST BLOG, about my paralyzing fear of going to the dentist!)

I’ll be blogging here on my website from now on. And even though blogging is no longer the “new thing” all authors must do for book publicity, I believe it’s worth the effort. It never was much about publicity for me. It’s always been more about sharing life’s big, small and absurd moments & connecting with awesome people. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello :)