Thanks x 9

images-1As I scroll through FB and Twitter this morning, reading what everyone is thankful for, I’m reminded that gratitude can come in different dimensions. Big picture, small picture, broad themed, or immediate moment. There are lots of options. And today, I’m grateful for that.

This has not been a year that lends itself to a whole lot of big-picture thanksgiving. Much of our life in the months since last November has been a rolling series of expletives.

But recently, things have gotten better. A few nice rays of sunshine broke through cracks in the dark box we’ve been living in.  Good stuff happened! It had been awhile. And so I’m choosing to keep my mind in the immediacy of right now as I contemplate gratitude, because that’s where the stuff is to be grateful for. I’m kind of practical when it comes to gratitude. (I don’t pretend to be thankful for terrible things under some premise like “I’m sure God will work it out for good!” That feels like lying. When He does – and He often does – then I’m thankful.)   Because of that practicality, I need to make note of when I AM grateful. It helps me remember it later.

Today, here are nine things I’m thankful for (doesn’t 9 seem like a thankful sort of number? It’s one of my favorites):

1. Steve. No one makes me laugh as hard as he does, at such a wide array of times and places and circumstances. He’s the wonder in our WonderTwins :)

2. Longevity. THAT DOG turns 18 on Sunday. My parents are both alive and thriving, at this point at least a decade past where they thought the finish line would be. I’m grateful to have them all still here.

3. Our new house. I LOVE moving and figuring out life in a new place, and I’m looking forward to living life with family and friends in a new, expanded way. (And despite my angst, it’s fun to think about countertop samples :) )

4. Social media. This is the year I realized how much the small moments of connection, encouragement, consolation & laughter mean. It’s such good stuff.

5. Reconnecting. It’s amazing when people from your past (who are not ex-boyfriends!) find you and reach out.  That’s been a great surprise this year.

6. Weekly Wine Night with my friend Super-G, an amazing constant in a year of chaos.  We call ourselves the world’s smallest small group, and God has shown up to join us in bars all over Boston.

7. Slippers. Warm feet are a happy-making thing.

8. I’ve read some FABULOUS books this year. Grateful for the people who write them.

9. Work. This year I realized that my favorite part of any job is people & teamwork. I’ve consulted on great writing projects, spoken at events with such cool, unique people figuring out faith & friendship, and worked with a brilliant book cover designer, intern, editor, and other talented people on new projects of my own. I’m grateful for these communities, and that I get to be part of them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Whether your gratitude is immediate or big picture this year, I hope you connect with hope. Gobble Tov!