Celebrating Warmth!

UnknownIt is WARM here today!!!

I can’t really focus on anything else. It has been so numbingly cold for so many days that the very fact that I could walk THAT DOG this morning without worrying that she would die from exposure in the first 15 seconds (she’s so old now) feels MIRACULOUS and worthy of celebration.

(of course it’s sopping wet and so foggy I can barely see the house next door, but who cares? It’s WARM!)

We celebrated Steve’s 40th birthday yesterday. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant in our new town (yummy, although I learned that one can stab oneself in the back of the throat if one is not careful with crispy noodles), went to CVS to buy cold meds for him (because what says happy birthday better than a brand new box of decongestant?) and then had tiramisu with his parents.

This morning, I received a text from the folks at Happier. They’ve invited me to be part of their inaugural Unknown-1gratitude class, which I think will be interesting and cool. The text suggested that we think of ourselves as “collectors of happy moments.” I love that.

I don’t have anything I’m collecting right now (well, books, but that’s always…)  Happy moments seems like a fun thing to gather.  And without the hassle of displaying them or dusting them off every week!   I’ll keep you posted.

Other than that, today is uneventful. I’m grateful for a day where my primary goals are to clean the bathroom (never fun) and to work on a talk about this phrase Eugene Peterson uses a lot, “The Praying Imagination.” (Must confess, that muscle  has atrophied for me, so it will be interesting to see how much weight it can bear.)

Yep, this is the life of a superhero ;)