Astonished (In a good way!)

imagesI spent yesterday with friends who are moving. It was that fabulous kind of hard work where you get to see God blessing people you love.  These are longtime friends, really high-faith people.  You’d think it would be hard for God to surprise them. And yet He has. It’s incredibly encouraging to see God astonish them.

(If you need something to make you smile today, do a Google image search for the word astonish…)

A few months back I wrote a post about how I didn’t want to “wonder” anymore…I was reflecting on a book that talked about how much time we waste wondering what will happen next.  Yesterday, with my friends’ move, and in an email exchange with another friend, I was reminded of the other kind of wonder: where we look at something amazing and think, Whoa…I didn’t see that coming! 

THAT kind of wonder? Pretty groovy.

I think this is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m seeing all of these hints of new things happening, and I’m captivated. I’m a little bit astonished, not sure what it all means yet.  This takes up a lot of my brain space and so it’s difficult for me to come up with focused, quippy posts about Sochi hotel rooms with brown water & no doorknobs. (So you know I’m in deep, because that stuff is blogging gold!)

But I’ve been at this long enough to know that blogging is cyclical, with seasons of daily updates and then seasons where things are a little quieter. So this time, rather than worrying about it or forcing myself to post dumb things, I’ll just wait until I have something to say, and then I’ll be here.

Today what I’m saying is how thankful I am to God for how He exceeds our expectations. If God hasn’t astonished you in awhile, ask Him to :)