Book Review: Crash The Chatterbox

UnknownI’m in a season of profound books with strange names.  Crash the Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All the Others is the latest installment.

This book was really helpful. I’m on a quest to keep my eyes on God as I go about my life, rather than the circumstances I see around me.  This can be tough, as often there are these thoughts that wander through my mind that I’m pretty sure don’t come from God. They say things like “You’re pathetic,” or “No one cares what you think,” or “Nobody even likes you.”  Those thoughts are SUPER fun to hang out with.

Crash the Chatterbox is filled with candid stories about how author Steven Furtick fends off this kind of chatter in his own mind. And he has some great points about what this battle is, and how much work it takes to stay ahead of it.

Perhaps my favorite moment comes midway through the book, where he shares about the day he was out in the yard with one of his children and the wind hit a pile of trash & recycling his wife had stacked against the side of the house. Garbage flew everywhere, all over the yard.  And he completely lost it, yelling a wide assortment of unkind things about his wife in front of his son. It was one of those moments where he really, really blew it. I won’t tell you how he resolves the horrible feeling this left him with – but I’ll recommend the book so you can find out.

This is the second Furtick book I’ve read, and I really admire his humility, along with how he brings out more nuanced meaning from Bible scenes than I’d thought of before.

If you’ve ever been helped by Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind (or if you’ve ever felt like your mind is a battlefield) this is a good book to add to your collection.