Bikes, Cows, Dogs. Also…Footloose

So much to catch up on. Blog posts are stacking up in my head! And then I sat down to write this update and Steve starts watching Footloose. I mean, who wouldn’t be inspired by that?!? Let’s hear it for the boy!  I want to finish this before the farm kid finds his rhythm, so here’s the Cliff Notes version of life around here:

-I got a bike! Some of you may remember my infatuation last summer with a ridiculous purple Huffy bike I photo copyrode on vacation. I loved how there was no expectation that I be good at biking on a purple Huffy. Well, with some help from my Dad, I found one better. He discovered a “vintage” brown Raleigh by the side of the road next to a sign that read “No reasonable offer refused.” $25 later, it was mine! Isn’t she a beauty? She needs some elbow grease and TLC, and I’m not exactly worried that anyone will steal her. But the investment almost exactly matches my commitment to this venture, so I’m calling it a win.

-A catalogue arrived here yesterday, offering to sell us this enormous cow picture for the low-low price of $229! We’ve photoordered other things from this catalogue, so now I’m thinking, “Are we giant cow people and just don’t know it yet?” I’m telling you, the world of decor opens up pretty wide once you consider an addition like this to your home!

-Bergie was weighed today. She’s up another pound. 89.2.  I think it was the wasp she ate. They’re highly caloric ;)

photo copy 2