Book Review: Accidents of Marriage

9781451673043I ADORED this book!

Accidents of Marriage is the story of Maddy and Ben. They’re a relatable middle-class couple with a home, three kids, two careers and a good looking life. Except that each night the family waits in fear each night as Ben comes home, wondering what sort of mood he’ll be in. He has “anger management issues” to say the least, and his family lives on pins and needles, always trying to anticipate and placate his fury.

Author Randy Susan Meyers does a masterful job with these characters – I felt like I knew and cared about each of them right from the start.  It’s not easy to write kids clearly and without stereotype, but Emma, Grace and Caleb are distinctive and wonderful. You’ll find yourself pulling for this family.

Meyers gives this plot masterful, unexpected turns, and the writing is consistently good throughout. I believed this story–the things that happened, how characters responded. Even secondary characters are vivid and multi-dimensional. If you like smart, engaging fiction, you’ll enjoy Accidents of Marriage.  (Extra-recommend for book clubs…much to discuss here!)