Two Books You Should Check Out

After a longish dry spell on the reading front, last weekend I read two books I really enjoyed. It’s so fun to have something to recommend!!! (It’s hard to have jazz hands and hold books at the same time, but picture it, because that’s me right now).

UnknownThe first is a memoir: Bon Appetempt: A Coming of Age Story (with recipes) by Amelia Morris. (Available February 3, 2015)

This is a charming, witty, painfully honest memoir about growing up. The author – a food blogger – is so honest about her world. I was swept up in her story. I wasn’t familiar with her blog before reading her book, but I love her writing style and look forward to getting to know more of her work. And as perhaps the ultimate compliment, I am even inspired to try some of her recipes. A fun pick even if you’re not a foodie :)

51DPDmyJb-L._AA160_The second is a novel: In Some Other World, Maybe, by Shari Goldhagen.

I started loving this book as soon as I stopped looking for a narrative arc. There isn’t one, and the chapters read like accumulating episodes from a 1990s-era sitcom…imagine FRIENDS, but as a drama. It’s surprisingly effective. The characters are interesting and memorable, and the story kept me turning pages. To be honest, I wasn’t clear WHY we were following them through this segment of their lives, but I followed, nonetheless. Good entertainment.

As a side note…I love both these book covers. Winter releases should all have bright colors to make long weekends in January a little bit brighter. #newpublishingrule

Disclosure: I received copies of these books from their publishers in exchange for an honest review.