On Learning

I have a new laptop. It is lovely and wonderful and the keyboard is the happiest thing ever. They keys are like little letter pillows. It makes me WANT to type.

It’s good that I love the keyboard, because nothing else on this machine works. I switched to Windows 10 after 9 years of Mac products, and holy crap, it’s like Steve Jobs himself is screwing with me from the afterlife.

I’m learning. How to install, uninstall, and reinstall things. Terms I was free not to care about before, like drivers and bundled add-ons. How seriously to take pop-up warnings of systemic apocalyptic doom. It’s fantastic.

Like right now…if I wanted to…I have the OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN why, on this machine, WordPress claims to have saved a draft of this post A DAY AGO. When I’m just writing it now. Earlier today, the machine shut down spontaneously just as I was finishing up a different post with thoughts about Judd Apatow’s book. Apparently, Judd has connections at Windows, because I made just the hint of a suggestion that parts of this book were stronger than others, and WHAM! that post was gone. Deleted from the universe. No sign that it every existed, even though I diligently hit save.

My faith doesn’t promote non-attachment as a virtue, so I can’t even claim this for spiritual victory.

I’m long overdue for some tech savvy. These are things I should know. But the thing is, I’ve learned a lot this year, across a wide array of life. Parenthood, church planting, justice advocacy, how to get a seat at middle school chorus night. I might be at capacity. The whole point of buying this wonderful new keyboard was to unload some of what I’ve learned onto some typed pages, maybe even bundle them together into a book or two. This machine instantly upped my productivity, because I can’t remember my passwords to any of my email or social media sites, so when I’m here, I am undistracted. Except when the whole thing shuts down and loses my work. Then I’m just mad.

Pray for me. To grow, to learn, to not be a complete bitch at dinner tonight. The Cherubs are excited. We’re having meatloaf. Little things like that delight them beyond all reason. I might be able to tell you about that someday, if I can get my computer to save my work.

Lord, hear our prayer…