Running: A Love Story

I was saving this post for a bit later this month, but since Amazon has jumped the launch cover-140x210date and you can have this book TODAY if you order immediately, I’m going to stop waiting and tell you about my friend Jen’s new book, Running: A Love Story: 10 years, 5 marathons, and 1 life-changing sport.

First, let me tell you about Jen. I “met” her years ago when the blogosphere was a fun social place to find people who shared your humor & interests. Jen, a freelance journalist, wrote these great, funny, totally honest blogs about the Jersey Shore (she even wrote a guide for spending time there). Because I’d spent most of my 20s in Philly, I had Shore memories…but mostly I just liked her take on life. That’s continued over the years, and even though we’ve never met in person, I feel like I “know” her because she’s shared so much of her journey in building her career, loving her adorable dog, becoming a home owner, and devoting more and more time to running.

My favorite thing about Jen is that she’s so straightforward. She says what she wants to say, with no hidden agenda or angle. She hates overly girly running gear, loves New Jersey, and freely shares what she’s learned about making a living as a freelance writer. In a word, she’s cool.

I learned a few years back that I can’t “review” books written by my friends (even friends I’ve never met in person), especially if they’re memoir. But I can recommend them, and this one I recommend.

Jen brings every bit of her blunt candor and sharp humor to this story. But she also adds something else that really touched me: she’s not afraid to want something in this book, and she shows herself working through what it takes to have the courage to go after it. She’s not above it all, pretending to be perfect. She’s deep in the mix of life. Those are the stories I love to read, and they inspire me as a writer, and a person trying to live in a way that amounts to something.

No matter what your personal relationship is with running (mine is something like, Running: A Friend I Should Probably Call…) I think you’ll relate to Jen and be entertained & encouraged by her book. Click over and order Running: A Love Story.

Then as you’re waiting for your copt to be delivered, watch this video. It’s hilarious. (My favorite is Jen’s face when she’s wearing the “Not Running Sucks” t-shirt.)

<p><a href=”″>Running: A Love Story by Jen. A Miller</a> from <a href=””>Right Side Up Productions</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>