In case you were wondering…

I kept the Moto Jacket.

I know you were all up late last night wondering how this cliffhanger played out, so I won’t keep you in suspense.

Five items arrived on my doorstep just before lunch.

Four were back at the post office in the prepaid drop-off bag by 2:00pm.

Never has the transition from soccer mom to bad-a** motorcycle chick been so quick & effortless. (At least that’s what I’ll tell myself as I pull up to my class reunion in a slightly dented SUV.)

Here are the items I received, in case you want to request them. They were all great, which isn’t always the case (see: triangle dress & purple jeans debacle) They just weren’t great for me.

IMG_5816 I loved the Kelin Henley Knit Top before we even met. It’s a perfect blue-red, a great casual style, and it reminds me of a picture of Lorelei Gilmore I kept close to my heart as I imagined what my first author picture might look like.

But this shirt has SO MUCH fabric flowing down from those pretty crochet-detailed shoulders. It’s thin, and a bit clingy.  In the back, there was so much extra, it actually piled up on the top of my butt, creating a shelf effect I’ve never before seen in 40+ years of looking behind me and wondering, “Does this make me fat?” The answer here was, OH YES IT CERTAINLY DOES! Back it went.


IMG_5817My first thought as I pulled this from the box was, Hello Oktoberfest! 

It’s the Yezzi Embroidery Detail Top. To which I say, Yezzi, it’s going right back to the warehouse!





iu-2The exact jeans I asked for…in the wrong size. My size wasn’t available for exchange, so just like that I saved $88!





IMG_5818The FERNIE Embroidered Detailed V-neck Knit Top. Which is a lot of words for a basic cotton tank. Too big, a bit too orange, far too much fabric sitting on my backside (I’m beginning to think the fabric isn’t the issue…) and too much like something I could get at Target for $10.  It looked cute under a jacket. But summer will come to New England at some point, and I won’t be able to cover everything up. Plus, the price was WAY too much for something that would essentially function like a camisole for me.  So back it went.


But THIS made it all worth it.

Ladies and Gentleman (particularly guys who can’t believe I’m doing another post on clothes), I give you…the Liverpool Blaine Denim Moto Jacket:




I love it. I am practically a Beatle in this jacket (they were from Liverpool, right?) It makes no sense whatsoever for me, but it’s exactly what makes Stitch Fix so great in this season of my life, when it feels like fashion is defined so much more by things I shouldn’t wear than by new things to try.  In an alarming world of cold-shoulder tops and ROMPERS (??!!!) this is a really fun surprise.

Just call me Blaine. It’s my new motorcycle name.

(And yes, our bedroom is STILL resplendent in three different paint colors, missing outlet covers, and a rug we dragged up from the basement so THIS DOG wouldn’t slide so pitifully across the new floor.  All that chaos? Looks like progress when you’re wearing a Moto Jacket!)

(Not really. But doesn’t that sound good?)

The Moto Jacket was $98, but I had a $25 referral credit because one of you filled out a style profile and scheduled a Fix to try yourself. Thank you! It makes shopping so much easier to have a break on the price, and I hope you get at least one awesome thing when your box arrives.

I’ll be back this weekend with deep thoughts on adoption and foster care. There are a lot of them churning in my mind right now. Thanks for humoring me as I take a detour through lighter topics :)


4 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

  1. mandydemeta says:

    You are so cute! My stitch fix came and I wanted to buy everything (see blog) but some of the items are pricely! And honestly I love a good moto jacket.

    • Trish Ryan says:

      I love the things you kept – they look awesome :) And yes, the price point is taking awhile to wrap my mind around. It makes me more selective, which is good. And I’m probably spending the same as when I was walking into Target and the LOFT just throwing money at cheap stuff and pretending it would somehow all work out okay even though most of it didn’t look quite right. At this price point, if I buy it, I make sure to wear it.

      • mandydemeta says:

        Exactly! Although I will say stitch fix clothes really fix perfectly. I’m excited to see the next box. My next box is scheduled for August and since my birthday is around then I’ve convinced my self I can keep the box if I love it.

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