Authors I love: Jennifer Weiner

A few of you have mentioned liking the book recommendations I’ve been making on Instagram, so I thought I’d fire up the blog to pay tribute to some authors I’ve followed (and appreciated) for longer than a book or two.

First up is Jennifer Weiner.

I am a LONG time fan of Jennifer and her books – going all the way back to when I lived in North Cambridge and received a gift card to Porter Square Books. The very next day, I found & bought her first three novels because they looked fun and real and hopeful. I loved them. She totally delivered. And since then, in book after book after book, she still delivers. Not to mention that if you go to one of her events, or follow her on social media, you’ll find that she is every bit as strong, smart, kind, and awesome as her characters.

In other words, I highly recommend her :)

She has a new one out today, called THAT SUMMER, and I am so excited to dive in and read it. I rarely post about novels I haven’t read yet, but with her I’m not worried one bit – if you try it, I think you’ll like it. She’s just that real and that good.

Books have been a source of sanity and salvation for me this year, and I am excited for this new read to sweep me into a life that is not mine to figure out! I hope you read it and love it. Enjoy!