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I’m posting over at Christi Craig’s writing blog today, sharing the story of how I moved from dreaming about writing a book to actually doing it. Stop by and say hello!

I also wanted to share some good news about THAT DOG:

Kylie will be 18 years old in early December.  I’ll admit, I’ve been trying to prepare for the end ever since she hit double digits.  But she just keeps on keeping on, in her enthusiastic, stub-tail wagging way, slowing down a bit but never really stopping.  Until two weeks ago, when everything went haywire in her body: her back legs weren’t working right, she couldn’t figure out how to lie down or stand up, she kept walking into walls.  She shook all over, and I was pretty sure she’d had a stroke, that this was it. I decided to wait until the next day and if she wasn’t better, I’d call the vet and make the appointment I’ve been trying to prepare for for the last eight years.

The next morning she was still disoriented, only now she kept tilting her head to the side and spinning. She’s not a spin-y dog unless you’re petting her, so this was strange. I googled it. And there online I found the best news ever.

She had not had a stroke, it turns out. She had all the signs of this vertigo-esque thing that happens to older dogs, making it impossible for them to get their bearings. But it’s temporary. Give it a week or two, the websites advised. In the meantime, just keep your dog safe and try hand feeding her if she won’t eat on her own. 

That’s what we did. And now, two weeks later, she’s back to herself! She’s been fine for several days. And I am SO VERY GRATEFUL.

I know the day will come when she’s not with me anymore. It’s been huge blessing to have had her for almost 18 years…I never would have guessed that back on that afternoon when I walked out of the store with a puppy instead of a fish (as spontaneous as I can be, that’s really not my style). She’s by far the best of all my crazy decisions, and I’m so glad she’ll be with us a while longer :)



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