I have whiplash. Emotionally, that is. There’s this weird “What next?” question that hits after a big event is over. It leaves me casting about for some fun new distractions around which to organize my free time.

A13042350A friend from the West Coast messaged yesterday and said, “I miss you guys!” She and I haven’t seen each other in person in months (years?) because our lives are on different coasts, so it was so great to watch the games “together”  knowing we and a bunch of our friends would be be glued to our televisions and our computers, trading complaints about the Fox Sports commentators, and bolstering our certainty that Twizzlers served in a Red Sox travel mug are THE snack that would ensure World Series success.  (I credit the 6th inning of Game 4 to our group decision to switch from popcorn to peanut butter-based snacks, a choice that involved fifteen minutes of weighing options and a conversation about Jimmy Carter.)

You can see why now I’m at a bit of a loss.

UnknownSpeaking of Jimmy Carter, I imagine this is how former Presidents feel the day after leaving office. Yesterday, there were so many weighty, vital decisions to make. Today, there are no decisions, and I’m just trying to write my memoirs and wondering what to have for lunch.

Yes, that’s it. My life is JUST like that of the former Presidents! (Filing that under #perspective and #delusion)

I’m grateful for how events like this bring me back together with people from every part of my life.  I’m terrible at keeping in touch. Really, epically bad. The kind of bad that lets loose all the adverbs.  But today, as the first day of the month during which we have platitudes about gratefulness shoved at us from every direction, I’m going to scroll through the comments here on the blog, and friends on Facebook and Twitter, and think about how happy I am to know all of you. I think that will soothe the whiplash :)