Time to Move!

imagesI said goodbye to my library today. The O’Neill branch of the Cambridge Public Library might be the friendliest place I’ve ever experienced. Of all the towns I’ve lived in, this is the only library where the librarians initiate conversations – we’ve talked about books, naturally, but also discussed current events (Gobble Tov!), shared silly jokes, and personal highs and lows. They’ve become friends, and I’ll miss them. I really appreciate the effort they invest to make their small branch such a key part of the neighborhood. It’s been incredible. It is the thing I will miss most as we leave North Cambridge.

Other than that, I’m excited to leave! I’ve spent a surprising amount of my adult life living in cities, but deep inside I’m a suburbs girl. Cambridge is a complicated place, and I’m ready for my life to be a little more straightforward, at least at home.

UnknownI know almost nothing about our new town.  Last week I got lost driving around  and ended up touring three adjacent suburbs before I found my way to where I wanted to be. I suspect it will be awhile before I know where to do things like buy groceries. But that’s okay, because we found out last night at the walk thru that our new house has no refrigerator. (Finally, my choice to focus my cooking skills on meals comprised of boiling water and pasta is paying off!) It’s been awhile since we’ve had the opportunity to assemble a new home life, and I’m excited for the challenge…even if we do need to visit the appliance store RIGHT AWAY.

Our internet turns off at midnight tonight, and I don’t think we’ll have it on again until Friday. No more posts this week. But God willing, I’ll be back here on Monday with funny stories to share.

Here’s to a new chapter :)

3 thoughts on “Time to Move!

  1. Best of luck on your move, Trish. Remember to make the bed first! You’ll be glad you did at the end of an exhausting day. Wishing you happiness and the blessings of good neighbors as you settle in. I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

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