Double Dog Dare

SONY DSCA friend & I had a hilarious conversation last night, after which she double-dog-dared me to post about it. (We weren’t drinking this wine, but should have been!) So you know I was here on the blog at midnight, writing it up…

We were talking about the tension we and so many others feel: living a life with so many blessings…and yet missing critical facets that leave everything else feeling unfinished. For her, it’s marriage and family. For me, it’s career and having a real answer when people ask, “What do you do?”

We both confessed to a secret fear that God’s will for our lives is for us to contort ourselves into being faux-happy (fappy?) without these missing elements. As if it’s all one big second-hand board game, and there aren’t enough pieces to go around.

Now my friend tends to believe more for others than for herself, so in true friend fashion she looked at me and said firmly, “Of course God has an amazing career for you. He wouldn’t have given you that brain if He was going to let it go to waste.”

I looked right back at her and said, “Well, then that applies to all of our parts, no?”

She almost spit out her wine, and I sipped mine in triumph :)

It’s true:  God doesn’t give us gifts and parts and longings to leave them dormant & unfulfilled. They’re there for a reason, all of them (except perhaps for the appendix and our tonsils. Not sure what’s up there, but those aren’t really things connected to existential longing, so I can live with the mystery).

Today, I double dog dare you to believe, even for a few seconds, that this is a new game, there are enough pieces, and that it’s okay to delight in God and trust that He’ll give you the desires of your heart.