Sparkle Power

imagesI took my 11 year old niece shopping last week to buy an outfit for her birthday. Holy Sparklepalooza, are the 80s back! I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed when we first walked into her favorite store. Let’s just say it was not a collection of gentle pastels. After looking around a bit, we picked out a royal blue leopard print cropped t-shirt with sequin sleeves. Think about that for a minute: Bright Blue. Black & White leopard print. Cropped. With black sequin sleeves. And yet with all that going on, it was easily one of the most conservative options in the store. Paired with a jean jacket with rhinestone studding on the collar, the overall affect was a bit blinding…but in the best way possible. The Niece looked beautiful and happy (and like a Preppy Handbook model compared to some of the other bespangled and bedazzled options she could have opted for.)

Perhaps my favorite moment was when I brought her an a different top to try – it was denim, with a sort of glitter sewn or embedded or somehow encased in the fabric. She looked at it, thought a minute, then shook her head No.  “It’s not the right kind of sparkle,” she said.

A girl who not only likes sparkle, but is discerning about what KIND of sparkle? Be still, my beating heart!

Thankfully, I was not filled with longing to wear the clothes we saw; there was no urge to rush to other stores to find the grown up version of this store (and I’m sure it’s out there). But I’m glad these clothes exist, and that being a girl and dressing like a girl is really fun right now.

What was your favorite era for fashion?

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  1. The fashion trend that is coming back that I just can’t get behind is 10″ long zippers on girls jeans/shorts/whatever. Seriously? I think what puzzles me even more, is how quickly I’m going to start (have already started??) looking like “that old woman” who can’t get behind current fashion trends. Sigh.

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