Making the effort: Christmas edition

christmas-givingI have done no Christmas shopping. I have nothing. Not a single gift for any of the many wonderful people I love. It’s pitiful.

The last time I was this far behind at Christmas was in my first year of law school, where I had final exams right up until 4:30pm on December 23rd and I was convinced that if I took an hour out of my study schedule for shopping, I’d ruin the rest of my life. (Looking back, that may have been a bit of an overreaction  :) )

So today, I will set aside the bins & boxes that still need to be unpacked, and the book project that is TWO MONTHS behind schedule, and the stack of review books on my kindle…and sit on the couch with a pen, paper, and a cup of coffee to think of wonderful gifts to give. Then I will attempt to procure those gifts, even if it means a whole lot of wandering through the aisles of stores and the pages of websites I don’t normally frequent, trying to find my way around.

Gifts are my favorite part of Christmas, and I don’t want to half-ass this. I may not find the perfect present for everyone, but I can put in the effort, because that’s one way to show love.

2 thoughts on “Making the effort: Christmas edition

  1. Ha! This cemented my decision to follow your blog. I’m also one of those late shoppers. I feel like an ostrich, burying my head in the deceptively safe feeling first three weeks of December. And then the 20th hits and I really get down to business. But I think making a list is really half the work.

  2. As one of those people who gets gifts done way early, I actually wish I could allow myself to get way behind on Christmas…I think I’m super early because I like to plan and I hate being late. ;)

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