imagesHave you ever noticed that some days are just great for no reason?  Yesterday was one of those days.

I realized this at bedtime. Steve and I pray together before we go to sleep, and I found myself thanking God effusively for the wonderful day I’d had. Which seemed strange to the logical, hyper-analytical side of my brain (which isn’t a side of my brain, really, but pretty much the whole thing).  It had been a plain sort of day: I washed the dust off of a very old bureau, bought drawer liners at Target, and looked at hardwood floor samples at Lowe’s and Lumber Liquidators. I read a book and did two loads of laundry. But it was such a good day in the midst of all that mundane-ness. I was gleeful, there amongst the discount floor options.

Then when Steve came home, I was slammed with a head & neck ache, and a sudden, bizarre bad mood. I made the worst dinner either one of us can remember (so thankful this doesn’t happen all that often, but truly, every component of this meal was a dud. It was rubber bands with a side of sawdust, highlighted by cold roasted pinecones.)  The headache went on for the rest of the evening, overpowering Tylenol, a hot shower, and two icepacks. Finally I just went to bed.

And yet there I was, talking to God and Steve about the great day I’d had, looking forward to some (hopefully healing) sleep and getting up the next day.

It was weird.

(Ack! Just as I’m writing about my miraculously spiffy day, there’s a knock at the door. It’s the plumber. The  same plumber I greeted in my pajamas the LAST TIME I did not know he was coming. Not only am I in my pajamas again, I’m wearing the SAME pajamas. He just looked at me with kind pity and asked, “Did your husband tell you I was coming by today?” Um, well, no.)


This weird good day reminded me of a chapter from Miracle Work, where the author says  that weird things like this are helpful for spiritual living. They remind us that living with eyes attuned to the Kingdom of God means we see & experience things that are not normal. As much as we crave a respectable, easily explained experience with God, he says, that’s not what we get. We get weirdly good days, family members who are miraculously healed when we even think about praying for them, and awful things that happen and then become THE thing that transforms a situation and creates wonder and joy.

On a scale of 1-10, yesterday was only a 2 in terms of weirdness. It did not cost me anything or pull me out of my comfort zone. It was just a reminder that sometimes things are different, and so we need to pay attention.

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  1. Great post! You get to go to TARGET on a regular, normal day. Am jealous. (Okay, so I can easily pop into Central London – I shouldn’t covet what I can’t have, huh?)

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