UnknownIt’s my birthday!

I don’t typically do anything huge to celebrate January 17th. But I love the chance to reflect on the past year, read my journal entry from my last birthday, and ask God for insight and vision and understanding of where I am & where I’m going. You know, the basics :)

We were up at 5:30 this morning – one of those days where you’re just up for the day super early – so I get a couple extra hours  to celebrate.

One thing that struck me this week was a comment someone made on social media about how Martin Luther King, Jr. was 39 when he died.  I hadn’t known that. It gives me perspective on what a gift it is to turn 45…how this is an age not everyone gets to experience. I feel really blessed.

On a lighter note, I think this is also the age when Oprah started doing those weird shows where she’d have older actresses and supermodels come on to talk about how part of aging was that they now had hair growing on their toes. That totally squicked me out, and I’ve been watching my feet attentively for about a decade. Happy to report that so far, no feet fur!  (And there you have the strangest thing I’ve ever admitted on my blog :))

I’m excited for a sunny, warm day (a friend in south Florida told me it’s freezing down there today, so thank you Floridians, for lending us a bit of your fine weather!) the Australian Open (our new town has Fios, which means we get the Tennis Channel!!!) and dinner at a sushi restaurant in our new town we haven’t tried yet.  And Facebook, which creates a way for friends to celebrate with you like I’ve never seen before.

Good stuff.  Thank you for reading, and being part of my 45 years :)

3 thoughts on “Celebrating!

  1. oh dear, i’ve had hair on my toes for a little while now. am i prematurely aging?
    also, you’re 45?! i can hardly believe it.
    happy birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Oh my. I had no idea feet fur was not the norm. I’m quite sure I’ve had it since I was 15. AND, I live in a state where I wear sandals approximately 11 months out of the year. Maybe it’s time to invest in some nair.

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