Big Chicken News

I hadn’t planned to blog again today. Then this big chicken story broke.

Behold, Big Boss:

As a writer for CNN observed, “It’s like the prologue to a poultry-themed apocalypse novel.”

It demands a response.

First, let me establish my chicken credentials, so Big Boss knows who he is dealing with.

I have a rooster-themed spoon holder.

FullSizeRender 2

And a Chickens Of the World dish towel.

FullSizeRender 3

I welcome chickens from other countries.


And celebrate differently-abled chickens.


But Big Boss should notice some commonalities among my favorite chickens. A certain…fixedness. He should know that I am not a fan of chickens in motion.

Now the truth is, if Big Boss is breeding an army, it’s likely that he sees us as a viable target and might be plotting a takeover.

We need a plan, people.  Because even though my local supermarket can rotisserie this guy’s little cousins like nobody’s business…

They either saved it for me or named it after me. Not sure which.

…and I’ve rumbled with a chicken or two myself

R.I.P. Wonderful Gift Rooster. 

This may call for something bigger.

But never fear, friends.

We have Beyonce.




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  1. Dude, I still have something to send you for your collection. I’ve had it for a long time and just never get to the post office.

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